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Let’s do this together


Whenever I leave the house there is always one member of the family who wants to come with me – Sir Digby the Cavapoo. He is like my little shadow and follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom.

Whenever he sees me put my shoes on he thinks it is walkies and grabs his ball and sits at the front door looking at me with his big eyes. But if a suitcase or overnight bag appears in the kitchen he knows I am leaving him.

Yesterday as I was packing for Glastonbur­y, his little doggy sixth sense kicked in. As soon as I brought my bag downstairs he lay next to it – well made a barrier between my bag and the front door as if to say: “You aren’t going without me, mum!”

I feel more guilty leaving him than I do the kids. He isn’t being abandoned though. My mum loves nothing more than taking charge of dog duties when I’m not around.

We are next-door neighbours and Sir Digby loves nothing more than trotting between the two houses hoping he is going to get fed twice.

And he certainly gets well fed at my mum’s – she saves a little bit of whatever she is cooking for tea to mix in with his dog food. No wonder he is on the cuddly side.

If ever I walk into my mum’s house while Digby is there I can hear her chatting away to him before I see them. Mum always says: “He knows every word I say to him you know?”

And I am 100% sure she is right.

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Yours, Amanda

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