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Nobody can forget the thrill as a child of hearing the icecream van jingle in the distance heading towards your street.

And I bet all our parents have told us at least once that the music means the van has run out of ice cream. Back in 1922, Wall’s launched their first 10 ‘Stop Me and Buy One’ tricycles which rolled through the streets serving up refreshing lollies during hot summers.

By 1935, there were over 8,500 trikes across England and Wales selling the treats door to door...

Katy Alston has run Pinks Vintage Ice Cream Vans and Tricycles in Worthing, West Sussex, for 20 years after having a career change.

She says: “I previously had a successful and enjoyable career as a registered nurse, but if I’m honest, being Mrs Whippy and selling ice cream is my true vocation!

“My husband was the one who bought me the van as a Christmas gift – I was devastated as it was very rundown, and I knew it would be a huge project to take on.

“Now, I can see that this was really a case of those closest to you knowing you better than you know yourself, as the project was the making of me.”

And her new career has even seen her serving ice cream to a rock legend.

“My mum and dad cooked for The Rolling Stones back in the 60s. When I served ice cream at Keith Richards’ family party, his daughter was bowled over that my parents had cooked for her dad. They were delightful people and wonderful company.”

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