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PM’s absent as per usual


■ With two by-election defeats in Tiverton and Honiton and Wakefield, and previously loyal Tory Chairman Oliver Dowden’s resignatio­n, Johnson is once more nowhere to be found.

Instead he is in Rwanda for a summit of Commonweal­th leaders. He shouldn’t bother coming back as neither his party nor the country want him or “business as usual” any more.

Reg Barrett Southminst­er, Essex

■ I read your article “Heinz brekked beans” in amazement (Mirror, June 22). Are people really not able to make baked beans as part of their own cooked breakfast?

Uber and Just Eat, along with moped sales, seem to be the only thriving industries these days. No wonder the UK is becoming the obese capital of Europe and a massive drain on the NHS. Andrew Harris Romford, East London

■ If the Tory government had ministers who were as eloquent and clever as RMT leader Mick Lynch, then we probably would not be in the mess we are now.

He is better than any of them by a country mile! Steve Cox Neath, Port Talbot

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