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Pension increase benefits all of us


■ THE Treasury has promised to reinstate the pension triple lock next year, meaning pensions will increase by the rate of inflation – likely to be around 10% – but workers should realise it’s not just pensioners who will benefit. It is about securing decent pensions for the future.

Workers will be of pensionabl­e age one day. It’s the same with the free bus pass and winter fuel allowance – these privileges are for everyone. So, rather than complainin­g about pensioners being in line for a 10% rise, while they are forced to accept 3% or less, we should all fight for better pensions in old age.

Joe Fitzgerald, Liverpool

■ Here we are again – pensioners being targeted because the increase in pensions could rise into double figures, while other wage settlement­s are going to be in single figures.

Do people believe British pensioners on one of the lowest state pensions in Europe should only get a single figure increase on their £9,000-a-year pension, while workers on an average £27,000plus get the same? Is a tin of beans cheaper for a pensioner? Be real, people, and don’t be fooled by the politics of division. We are all in the same lifeboat rowing for survival while the rich are in the captain’s boat with the motor on.

ST Vaughan, Yardley Wood, Birmingham

■ So, the fact that pensioners may get a 10% increase next year has apparently angered some workers who believe they should get the same and not the 3% on offer. Well, I think that 3% of a £30-50,000 salary is a far better deal than 10% of £180 a week.

I agree, workers should be getting more – but don’t use our paltry pension increases as a lever.

And don’t forget the Tories changed the triple lock last year and could easily do the same again. They are not to be trusted.

Steve Rogers, Benfleet, Essex

■ How can we believe the Government when they axed the triple lock because the Chancellor decided the country couldn’t afford to give some of the lowest-paid pensioners in Europe a rise in line with inflation?

Now suddenly when the Prime Minister is under pressure we are promised they will reintroduc­e it. It’s like the old saying: tomorrow never comes – and certainly not for British pensioners.

Peter Henry Morgan Shrewsbury, Shrops

■ So, it’s been announced that pensioners could receive a 10% rise? Is this a bribe for Tory votes? Seniors should remember that this year’s loss of the triple lock has left a pensioner on around £200 per week about £11pw worse off over two years.

Plus, those over 75 have also lost their free TV licence.

S Ingham, Farnboroug­h, Hants

■ Tory ex-Treasury minister Jim O’Neill, who called the planned pension rise in accordance with inflation “crazy”, should keep quiet. People in our generation have worked hard and don’t need rich Tories like him implying we don’t need it.

Some of us just about manage and we’ve struggled since the Government axed the triple lock.

Janet Jackson, Poole, Dorset

■ Why is it that pensioners are rarely mentioned when it comes to the cost-of-living crisis? They too are struggling to find money for their utility bills, food and fuel.

It’s about time someone stood up for them as well. Yes, we’re in the same boat – it’s not just those of working age who are struggling. David King, Peterborou­gh, Cambs

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