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Every day we’ll be asking your opinion on one of Britain’s big talking points. You can have your say and vote at mirror.co.uk British Airways staff have voted for industrial action after executives refused to reinstate a 10% pay cut for the lowest paid workers brought in during Covid.

Are BA staff right to vote for strike action?

YES 93%

NO 7%

No. Every worker is by law allowed to withdraw their labour. The question is, is this the right time to exercise your legal right? MJ55

Yes. Don’t they realise without staff they won’t have a business? Seems it’s always the workforce making the sacrifices. JAYNE SHERER

Yes. As painful as it will be for holidaymak­ers, this strike needs to happen. It’s not hard to forecast many more happening over the next 12 months. FREE SPEECH IS BANNED

No. When these workers get what they want, BA will just raise prices because they’re greedy. NAME SUPPLIED

No. More unions expecting families to pay higher prices to support wage increases. Strikes make it more likely the Tories will win the next election. OMNIPOTENT BILL

Yes. Nothing trickles up. Rail workers are showing the way. Airline staff next. I can feel change. JONATHAN BINDER

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