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Community kitchen


I got a notificati­on from my new app, Bank The Food, telling me a list of items that my local food bank urgently needs.

I had quite a few of the bits already in my store cupboard – spare cat food (that fussy Dan Dan won’t eat), tinned fruit (I will be one of the few people to survive a nuclear war on peach melba), and cans of sweetcorn and tomatoes.

When I nip to the shops, I will also add UHT milk and jars of cooking sauces to my list and then drop the whole lot off tomorrow at the food bank.

The Food app is a brilliant way of putting donors and food banks together, instead of just creating a pasta and baked bean mountain in a shopping trolley on your way out of the supermarke­t.

This way you’ll know exactly what the food bank needs to help needy families in your area.

■ Download Bank The Food from Google Play on Androids and App Store on iPhones.

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