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Like Linda, let’s not settle for just ‘OK’


CONGRATULA­TIONS to Linda Robson, who has announced the beginning of a beautiful new relationsh­ip. With herself.

Linda’s ended her marriage to husband Mark after 33 years, saying: “He’s a really good dad and we had some good years, but enough is enough.”

Back in June she revealed on ITV’s Loose Women that she’s been celibate for two years, and she recently went on a family holiday without him. The writing has long been on the wall.

But many, many couples would have ignored that writing, pretended they were illiterate. Stayed together out of convenienc­e, lived separate lives, stuck out a stale relationsh­ip because that’s the done thing.

Not being exactly miserable, maybe, but definitely not making the most out of their time on planet Earth. They would have glumly trudged on regardless, lying in the bed they made decades ago, when they were probably very different people.

Good on Linda for wanting more than that. The 65-year-old has presumably realised that she still has plenty of life left ahead of her, and been brave enough to

design her own bespoke happily ever after. “I’m not interested in dating, honestly. I can’t be a***d with all that,” she says, in typically blunt fashion.

“I’ve got my family and my kids around me. And I’m going on a cruise with Lesley Joseph in November.

“I’m keeping busy. I feel fine. I’m just going away on trips all the time.”

The view that a marriage is only successful if it lasts forever is outdated, boring, and wrong. Spending 30 years together definitely qualifies as a success that Linda and Mark should be proud of.

Obviously all relationsh­ips go through hard times, and take work, but if you’ve done all you can, tried as hard as possible and it’s not serving either of you any more, you need to have the guts to say when – as Linda did – enough is enough.

Parents separating is upsetting for their kids at any age of course, but Linda and Mark’s are 27 and 31, adults with their own lives – the least worst scenario. Linda also speaks about Mark with respect, praising him as a father, which bodes well for them all still being able to spend time together as a family.

There’s something very inspiring about a woman choosing the next chapter of her life for herself. Not making the best out of being left for a younger model, or settling for a situation that’s only OK, but purposeful­ly identifyin­g what will make her happy – sunshine breaks with friends, time with kids and grandchild­ren – and going for it.

Women spend vast amounts of time and energy trying to please other people all their lives, so three cheers for Linda, who has decided it’s OK to please herself… even if that does mean going on holiday with Lesley


‘‘ You need to have the guts to say when enough is enough

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NEW CHAPTER Linda Robson

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