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Rwanda? Not in our name!

- Edited by FIONA PARKER

I fully agree with your editorial on the Rwanda debacle after the Supreme Court ruled the scheme unlawful (Nov 16). Now the Government is going down the rabbit hole of fast-tracking legislatio­n to establish that Rwanda is indeed a safe country.

Rishi Sunak and his new Home Secretary claim they are acting on behalf of the British public with this gimmicky strategy, but the majority want a safe, humane and efficient solution to this problem.

As for withdrawin­g from the European Convention on Human Rights, this surely would be an egregious step too far. This is all a distractio­n to take our minds off the Government’s failure to deal with an immigratio­n system that leaves people languishin­g in long queues before eventually having their cases upheld.

We need safe and legal routes implemente­d and far more sane and sensible solutions.

Judith Daniels, Great Yarmouth Norfolk

■ As our unelected PM considers that a vote in Parliament can ignore the facts and make Rwanda a safe country, could we please have a vote to declare we don’t have a homeless crisis, a cost of living crisis, 7.5 million waiting for NHS treatment, or 14m living in poverty, and the roads I bounce along every day aren’t full of potholes?

I’m sure that Tory MPs ignoring the facts and declaring none of the above issues exist will make us all feel better and encourage us to want to rush to the polling stations to vote for them. Sunak, like Johnson, is just another fantasist.

John Sullivan, Edgware, Gtr London

■ The Government has obviously hit on a great plan to legislate away any inconvenie­nt truths.

But why stop at Rwanda or indeed foreign affairs? The NHS budget could be slashed if waiting lists were declared to be nonexisten­t. Triple lock getting too expensive? Simple! Pass a law that inflation is zero. This Government seems determined to make George Orwell’s 1984 a reality where the Ministry of Truth propagates a stream of government lies.

Gordon Pilkington, Epsom, Surrey

■ What a disgrace foul-mouthed Tory Lee Anderson is saying they should ignore the Supreme Court’s Rwanda ruling and just get on with the deportatio­ns.

What’s even worse is the PM claims he is simply reflecting the strength of feeling about the asylum seekers. I’m sick and tired of this right-wing government claiming they speak for the majority of British people. They don’t. Most decent-minded people want to see these desperate people treated fairly and humanely.

Chris White, Manchester

■ The Rwanda scheme is another waste of public money that could have gone on housing, the NHS and education, all areas under enormous strain. This is along with public inquiries that never amount to anything. Which party can come up with an answer to the immigratio­n problem? None, I suspect.

Mary Taylor, Fairburn, West Yorks

■ Not only are the Tories content with destroying this country, they could be breaking internatio­nal law if they ignore the Supreme Court ruling on Rwanda. And if recent events are anything to go by we might have another Tory PM in office before the next election. Lo and behold there’s Cameron with his feet back under the table in Downing Street!

Alan Robinson, Liverpool

■ If Rishi Sunak gets away with passing a law to say Rwanda is a safe country, maybe he could make a law to say there is no NHS waiting list. Handy for the election!

John Navin, Witney, Oxon

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