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Golden boy Sunak’s a Midas in reverse


AFTER five relaunches and five flops, Rishi Sunak is a Prime Minister living in fear of a bushtucker penis-eater – and things are going from bad to worse.

No National Insurance-cut poll bounce for the PM or Conservati­ve Party, Labour’s lead actually going up three points to 16 with Opinium, and jungle daggers from Nigel Farage are a nightmare for the failing little rich chap in Downing Street.

First he hoped burning net zero and sacrificin­g green policies would improve Tory fortunes. It didn’t.

Next he painted himself as a freshfaced change from the Cameron and Johnson as well as Blair and Brown years. Nobody believed him.

Then he wrote a King’s Speech for Parliament’s state opening that, instead of dividing people as intended, united them against him.

Those who never bought slippery Sunak’s “change” spin were vindicated by the fourth relaunch U-turning the second: Dodgy Dave exhumed to be

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron. And the fifth, last week’s financial tweaking, crashed because voters aren’t fools.

Their pockets, purses, wallets, pay slips and bank accounts tell them a Tory grab of £1,900 from households between elections isn’t his heralded “biggest tax cut in history”.

Thatcherit­e slicker Farage and the hard-right Reform UK party stalking the Conservati­ves is spooking Sunak. He is no longer able to use Channel boats and Rwanda as diversions from net migration reaching a record 745,000, after he vowed to cut it. Loudmouth deputy chairman “30p Lee” Anderson claiming he was offered a fortune to defect to Reform (refuted by a Reform spokesman, who labelled him a plank) shows how the Brexit gang are destroying each other.

The next election is about damage limitation – saving seats and minimising defeat for the Tories. The fact is, Keir Starmer has one foot in Downing Street already. Under assault on all political fronts, things might only deteriorat­e further for former golden boy Sunak. Everything he touches now turns to dust instead of gold.

The PM has what tainted leaders cannot shed, the Sadim touch. That’s Midas in reverse.

 ?? Rishi Sunak ?? FIVEFOLD FAILURE

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