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8-year-old adventurer makes it 17,598ft up to the foot of Everest

- BY JEREMY ARMSTRONG jeremy.armstrong@mirror.co.uk @jeremyatmi­rror

SCHOOLBOY Frankie McMillan has made it to Everest base camp and yesterday declared he was over the moon about his feat.

The eight-year-old has been climbing with mountain guide mum Basia since he was a toddler and dreams of conquering the world’s highest summit.

He even has a picture of the peak on his bedroom wall.

His dream came closer as he made it to base camp, which is 17,598ft above sea level in Nepal.

As the Mirror revealed last month, Frankie had warmed up by becoming the youngest Briton to climb 9,573ft Mount Olympus in Greece.

The intrepid youngster has tackled more than 500 mountains and hills, including England’s highest peak, 3,208ft Scafell Pike, when he was four.

He has all 214 Wainwright­s in the Lake District under his belt and said of his Everest trek: “I felt so proud of myself. I was over the moon.”

Mum Basia, 40, added: “It was such a rewarding experience.

“Frankie was very proud of himself but I was even more proud. I was proud not of myself but of him.

“I was watching him touching the base camp rock and seeing him make his dreams come true. It was supporting my son fulfilling his dreams which was just priceless.”

She added: “Imagine the conversati­ons at school, ‘What did you do on your halftime break?’.

“‘I just climbed Everest base camp.’” Her son was “absolutely fine”, despite frequent headaches while he trekked to the camp of the 29,032ft summit.

“If anything, I think he was stronger than me,” his mum added.

“We kept encouragin­g each other, bouncing from each other. When I was struggling, Frankie would encourage me, and when he was struggling, I would encourage him.”

She said fellow mountainee­rs were very welcoming, adding: “No one could really believe where we were going,. People passing by were stopping and taking photos and videos of Frankie.

“When we got to the top they were cheering for him and clapping, which was so rewarding.”

Frankie described his climb as amazing and “much more fun” than he anticipate­d. His ambition is to reach Everest’s summit before he turns 13.

Basia added: “I really don’t think there’s anything stopping him now.”

The pair, of Gosforth, Cumbria, have raised £1,800 for children’s charity Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.

 ?? ?? PEAKY BLINDER Frankie points to top of Everest and, below, our story last month
PEAKY BLINDER Frankie points to top of Everest and, below, our story last month
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? PRIDE With mum Basia
PRIDE With mum Basia

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