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Arsenal on track, but Reds derailed



IN August, not even the most diehard Liverpool fan would have dreamed of this season.

Carabao Cup in the bag, still in Europe and right in the mix for the title. Manchester City are now favourites but this season, for the Reds, has been way above expectatio­n.

I spoke to dyed-in-thewool Liverpool supporters ahead of their opening game at Chelsea and they were hoping they might be able to sneak into the top four. But they thought it would be a big ask.

So, if we’re talking about overachiev­ing, exceeding expectatio­ns and who has had the better season then it has to be Liverpool.

Arsenal have had a brilliant campaign. But after going close last season, their expectatio­ns were higher.

Next year – with a bit more added to the squad and greater experience – might be Arsenal’s turn.


IF Arsenal and Liverpool both miss out on the title again, as seems inevitable, it’s a hollow argument debating who’s had the better season when they both miss out on the prize they desperatel­y craved.

For the Gunners, only a trophy would represent an improvemen­t on last season, when they were top of the league for 249 days and had nothing to show for it.

As for Liverpool... Jurgen Klopp’s farewell tour is in danger of disintegra­ting like a stock cube.

Six weeks ago, they were chasing four trophies after the League Cup triumph against Chelsea – but if that turns out to be their sole prize, it would be like claiming the Beatles’ greatest hit was Ringo Starr’s narration of Thomas the Tank Engine (above).


I WOULD be more optimistic about this season as an Arsenal supporter. They have a stable managerial situation, and just need to keep tweaking things.

There is one glaring issue Mikel Arteta can sort out this summer, and that is to spend big on a world-class striker.

Liverpool have a trophy in the bag, and a great crop of kids coming through, but I’d worry that it’s all become a bit erratic at crunch time. It’s advantage Arsenal in the bid to eclipse City.


THE bottom line is that if your season ends with Jurgen Klopp (left) walking out of your club, it has probably not been the greatest season.

It can be saved by winning the Premier League, but there is now only an outside chance.

And if Liverpool do not finish top and if they are eliminated from the Europa League on Thursday, then their season will have been an average one.

Arsenal fans can already be fairly pleased with a campaign that will get better if they win in Munich. It takes time to re-establish a side as an elite force but that is what Mikel Arteta is doing.

Competing for a Premier League title and going relatively deep into the Champions League is part of that process.


FOR both Arsenal and Liverpool, coming up short in the title race will go down as a huge failure. The Gunners needed to prove they have the mental strength to last the distance, but their old frailties returned on Sunday.

For Liverpool, having topped the table for so long, the title was seen as the perfect send-off for Jurgen Klopp, but they too have imploded.

Arsenal are still in the Champions League, while Liverpool’s Europa League hopes are slim.

As it stands, Klopp’s men have had the better season – but neither will view it as a success if City win a fourth straight title.

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