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Gripped by Will power



Tom Ri­ley as dam­aged de­tec­tive Will Wagstaffe

It stars Monroe ac­tor Tom Ri­ley as DI Will Wagstaffe, a man haunted by the un­solved mur­der of his par­ents when he was a teenager.

OK, there’s noth­ing new about the stereo­type of a dam­aged de­tec­tive bury­ing them­selves in work to es­cape their own prob­lems, whether it’s Jane Ten­ni­son and the booze, Luther and his love life, or Strike and his war in­juries. For Will, it’s know­ing that who­ever killed his par­ents was never caught.

Now he only has his sis­ter Juli­ette (played by Press’s Char­lotte Ri­ley) and nephew Harry, with whom he has a com­pli­cated re­la­tion­ship even though he adores him.

Will’s very black and white when it comes to work, an ap­proach which clearly winds up some of his more old-school cop­per col­leagues no end, but which also gets results.

As we said, noth­ing new about the premise, but it’s to the writer’s and cast’s credit that this doesn’t feel cliched or repet­i­tive.

In­stead Will, or Staffe, ap­pears fully formed and be­liev­able, and we’re thrown right into his gritty world from the off. And they’re not pulling any punches, as his first case is deal­ing with the mur­der and tor­ture of sus­pected pae­dophiles.

So yes, it’s dark by name and even darker by na­ture. Both in the way it looks on screen – so dim and moody you might be reach­ing for the bright­ness but­ton on your re­mote – and in its sub­ject mat­ter.

Th­ese are grue­some mur­ders, in a bit of a Se7en style, and cer­tainly not for the squea­mish or sen­si­tive.

The first two parts were orig­i­nally shown as a pi­lot on ITV En­core in 2016, then a se­ries was com­mis­sioned and four brand new episodes will fol­low.

And we’re pretty gripped by it al­ready.

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