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Do Grannies Have Green Fingers?


by Fransie Frandsen

In this delightful book, Alexander overhears his mum saying his granny has ‘green fingers’, after she wins yet another gardening award. He keeps a look out for green fingers – and notices other colours (such as his redfaced neighbour when the dog buries a bone). The illustrati­ons are the real treat. Collages made of photos and illustrati­ons provide brilliantl­y fun and engaging visual narration. As they’re layered, there’s the chance to spot new and amusing items during future reads. Text is simple and positioned on different parts of the page, helping to keep it interestin­g for young minds.

A short reference to recycling, lots of potential to name different colours and a trigger to talk about what common phrases mean (green fingers, or green with envy) allow for plenty of fun ways to learn.

This book will keep both parent and child amused and entertaine­d with its quirky originalit­y.

 ??  ?? 9/10

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