Jarvis was clearly shocked to find his Irn-Bru had no fa­mil­iar orange colour­ing


A BOY was left fizzing when a “one in a mil­lion” can of Irn-Bru con­tained clear juice and not the dis­tinc­tive orange pop.

Jarvis Mor­ri­son Sweeney, from Dun­fermline, sat down to en­joy the fa­mous soft drink on Sun­day and was shocked at what was in­side.

The 11- year- old said: “I thought to my­self, ‘ What the hell is go­ing on here?’

“I was sur­prised and con­fused.

“It looked like sparkling wa­ter. I still had a drink of it though be­cause I wanted to see what it tasted like.”

Jarvis and his mum Alana Maxwell said the drink smelled like Irn- Bru, it tasted like Irn-Bru, but it cer­tainly did not look like the pop­u­lar drink.

Alana, who runs the Auld Mi l l House Hot el in Dun­fermline, said: “I had just bought the case of Sugar Free

Irn-Bru from Book­ers Cash and Carry a few days be­fore so I knew it was def­i­nitely still in date.

“We couldn’t be­lieve it when we saw it.

“Jarvis was lov­ing it. It gave us some much needed en­ter­tain­ment.

“All these years I’ve thought Irn- Bru got it’s fa­mous colour­ing from gird­ers and now this has hap­pened.

“Is it re­ally just colour­ing they add? The mind bog­gles.”

Irn-Bru bosses said young Jarvis’s rare find was a one-ina-mil­lion can and have of­fered to send him some free­bies to make up for his con­fu­sion.

A spokesper­son from Irn-Bru said: “It’s very rare to get a clear can of Irn-Bru.

“We’ll be send­ing Jarvis’s fam­ily a few cases of Irn-Bru Sugar Free to thank them for telling us.”

ALL CLEAR Young­ster star­tled to find gin­ger looked like sparkling wa­ter

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