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March 21–April 20 SOME­ONE younger is be­ing self­ish and out­ra­geous. You aren’t happy with their be­hav­iour and you could eas­ily lose your tem­per with them. A fam­ily dis­pute will be fraught with emo­tion. There will be apolo­gies later. Don’t dig in your heels when a com­pro­mise will help ev­ery­one for­give and for­get. For more call 0905 789 4171 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Tau­rus April 21 – May 21 A PART­NER’S rest­less mood will keep you on your toes. If you are spend­ing the day to­gether, their con­stant de­sire to be on the move will mean you aren’t likely to stay in one place for long. An in­trigu­ing email will make you won­der whether you’ve re­ceived a mes­sage not meant for you. For more call 0905 789 4172 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Gem­ini May 22 –June 20 A LOVED one wants re­as­sur­ance that you are be­ing se­ri­ous about joint plans you have re­cently been talk­ing about. Don’t leave them won­der­ing ex­actly what you in­tend to do. In­stead make def­i­nite and bind­ing plans to let them know you will def­i­nitely be there for them. For more call 0905 789 4173 Can­cer June 21 –July 22 SOME­ONE is com­plain­ing about money. There is some­thing they can’t af­ford that they re­ally want. You might lend them cash if you have it to spare as it would make you feel good to be able to make them happy. Or you may wish you could, but if it isn’t pos­si­ble, they’ll have to go with­out. For more call 0905 789 4174 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Leo July 23 – Au­gust 22 AN OLDER rel­a­tive is ex­ag­ger­at­ing a sit­u­a­tion. They may not be do­ing this de­lib­er­ately but a lit­tle re­search will re­veal they have got hold of the wrong end of the stick about a health or work is­sue. There is some­thing some­one needs to get off their chest. Lend a pa­tient ear to their tale of woe. For more call 0905 789 4175 Virgo Aug 23 – Sept 22 IT’S time that you made more room in your life for the things that truly bring you plea­sure. Money can be made from a hobby you love or from some other in­ter­est. Be­fore long, this could be a reg­u­lar in­come. When you do what you love, the money al­ways fol­lows. For more call 0905 789 4176 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)


Sept 23–Oct 23 IT WILL pay to pan­der to the wishes of peo­ple in power. Some of the de­mands they are mak­ing might ir­ri­tate you but it won’t take a lot of ef­fort to please them. There will come a time when you might need them for a ref­er­ence or sup­port. They will re­mem­ber the help you give them to­day. For more call 0905 789 4177 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Scorpio AN AM­BI­TION you are determined to see ful­filled this year de­serves closer at­ten­tion. One set­back af­ter another has de­layed progress but you can still achieve this aim. You may need to spend some ex­tra cash in or­der to get onto the path to suc­cess. The ex­pense will be worth it. For more call 0905 789 4178

Oct 24 – Nov 22 Sagittariu­s

Nov 23 – Dec 21 A PART­NER wants to talk over plans more am­bi­tious than you re­alised. Some will be un­re­al­is­tic but oth­ers are prac­ti­cal and you will un­der­stand their need to dream. You share their op­ti­mism. To­gether you will achieve won­ders. A lonely neighbour will wel­come a visit or a phone call. For more call 0905 789 4179


(80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

Dec 22 –Jan 20 SO­CIAL in­vi­ta­tions come your way. You will choose the ones that make you feel most com­fort­able. You love get­ting to­gether with friends but you will con­tinue to do so safely. If your boss or a se­nior col­league seems stubborn, smile and show how flex­i­ble you can be. For more call 0905 789 4180 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 DIS­AGREE­MENTS over money make you mis­er­able. They will also bring to light new in­for­ma­tion you hadn’t con­sid­ered. A money man­age­ment or­gan­i­sa­tion will give you good ad­vice. An emo­tional con­ver­sa­tion could be­come a ra­tio­nal dis­cus­sion that will work out well for all con­cerned. For more call 0905 789 4181 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge) Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 HOME se­cu­rity is an im­por­tant con­sid­er­a­tion now as you start mak­ing plans for the fu­ture. And that se­cu­rity could be linked to another per­son. If you’re think­ing about mov­ing in with a part­ner or shar­ing your home with some­one else, don’t ig­nore ques­tions that lurk in your mind. For more call 0905 789 4182 (80p/min + net­work ac­cess charge)

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