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This healthy eat­ing plan fo­cuses on re­duc­ing your car­bo­hy­drate in­take and mak­ing sure the carbs you do eat are healthy. 2

Fill half your plate with veg­eta­bles, a quar­ter with pro­tein such as chicken, tofu or eggs, and a quar­ter with un­re­fined carbs such as quinoa, brown rice or rye bread. Add a small amount of healthy fats – 1 tbsp olive oil or a quar­ter of an av­o­cado. 3

But be care­ful what you choose. Opt for whole foods such as veg­gie sticks and hum­mus, a small por­tion of cheese and fruit, or nat­u­ral yogurt with berries. Avoid ul­tra-pro­cessed snacks such as crisps or cakes.

calo­rie count­ing Cre­ate a bal­anced plate Snack­ing is al­lowed 4 Don’t ban cho­co­late

There are no strict guide­lines around how of­ten you can en­joy wine and cho­co­late. What’s im­por­tant is learn­ing to en­joy them as part of a healthy, bal­anced diet.

5 Go for com­plex carbs

Whole­grain va­ri­eties such as brown rice, oats and brown bread are bet­ter choices than re­fined carbs like white bread, white rice or sug­ary ce­re­als. 6 Avoid ul­tra-pro­cessed foods This can in­clude ob­vi­ous ones such as cake or crisps, but also watch out for less ob­vi­ous cul­prits such as shop-bought pasta sauces or ce­real bars. Cook­ing from scratch is the best way to do this. 7

Avoid foods with added sug­ars by check­ing food la­bels and aim for un­pro­cessed, sim­ple in­gre­di­ents. Sweet­ners such as agave, mal­tose, syrups, mo­lasses and dex­trose are all dif­fer­ent sug­ars.

Be­ware hid­den sug­ars 8 Drink more wa­ter

At least eight glasses a day. Our body of­ten con­fuses thirst for hunger, so it’s im­por­tant to stay well hy­drated to help man­age hunger lev­els. 9

When you eat, en­gage your senses by fo­cus­ing on the taste, smell, colour and tex­ture of your meal. This means turn­ing off the TV, putting away your phone and eat­ing at a ta­ble rather than your desk or sofa.

Re­move dis­trac­tions 10 Build a sleep rou­tine

We un­der­es­ti­mate the im­pact sleep has on eat­ing habits. Aim to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day. Limit screen time be­fore bed and avoid caf­feine after lunch.

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