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TO­MOR­ROW’S World’s “The sci­ence of Spi­der-Man” spe­cial was more CBBC than BBC4.

If they’d stud­ied Spidey’s pow­ers in­stead of his films they’d have ex­posed the web-sling­ing Mar­vel su­per­hero as a total fraud.

Spi­der-Man’s story makes as much sense as For­ti­tude.Young Peter Parker got his pow­ers af­ter be­ing bit­ten by a ra­dioac­tive spi­der.

Only hunts­man spi­ders climb like he does. But they aren’t par­tic­u­larly strong, ag­ile or fast and they don’t build webs. Spi­derman’s me­chan­i­cal silk com­pletely de­fies physics. But so do most su­per­heroes.

Su­per­man’s ori­gins don’t ex­plain his fly­ing or X-ray vi­sion. Aqua­man is ab­surd – when he’s on the ocean bed, how does his body stand the pres­sure? How much would The Flash have to eat to burn up that much en­ergy? Even Gregg Wal­lace couldn’t scoff enough.

The only way to enjoy these comic book cre­ations is to for­get logic and sus­pend dis­be­lief. Like PMQs.

THE Se­cret Life Of The Zoo in­formed us a group of meerkats is called a “mob”.

Makes sense…they start with in­sur­ance deals, mus­cle in on Cor­rie and be­fore long they’re deal­ing crack and pimp­ing out squir­rels.

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