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Boob op Faye’s got her dream bod


FAYE Winter is looking a million dollars thanks to a boob job, we can reveal.

The estate agent, 26, had the operation to make them bigger and revealed she was thrilled with the results.

She said: “I decided to go larger. And they don’t give me backache, luckily. Am I happy with the work that I’ve had done? Yes.

“Do I think you should get work done if it will make you feel confident? 100%.”

Now Faye can’t wait to show off her fantastic figure in the Love Island villa. She added: “I’ve always gone to the gym. And I’ve always been body confident.

“I have never attempted to change myself to be something I’m not.

“As a girl, you’ve got to give what you’ve got. And I’m definitely confident with what I’ve got.”

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