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You’re into this Jurassic lark, then...?


A JURASSIC Park fan has a monster collection of memorabili­a worth more than £25,000.

Nathan Allen, 36, even drives a replica Jeep from the movies, which he built himself.

He has been obsessed with the film franchise since he watched the first one in 1993.

Nathan, of Bidford-on-Avon, Warks, said: “I decided I wanted to build a collection inspired by the films in 2012, after I found an old Jurassic Park toy that I was given for Christmas in 1993.

“It brought all the memories back to me. I started out by getting the main figures and then it has just snowballed from there.

“Over the last 11 years, I have built up a collection that I think would be worth over £25,000.”

He went on: “I get items from the internet, antique centres, charity and retro shops and toy fairs.

“I have a wide variety of items, from a pair of night vision goggles to some Christmas crackers still sealed in the box from 1993.

“In 2015, I even built the Jeep from the movies which I still have today. I was looking for a new car at the time and saw a blue Jeep going fairly cheap.

“It was like a lightbulb moment and I decided I was going to recreate the car.”

Nathan says he loves the movies because they are timeless.

He added: “The films are so realistic, they really make you believe what’s happening and they still hold up today. They haven’t aged badly at all.”

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