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Caine’s hooked on 007


FILM star Sir Michael Caine has told how he once held Sean Connery’s coat while the James Bond star single-handedly beat up four men in a nightclub. Sir Michael, 77, said: “In my early 20s I was running around with Sean and Terence Stamp. “Every girl in London was running after us. “Sean used to have parties called ‘Bring a Bottle and a Bird’. “I couldn’t afford a bottle then, so I took two birds! “I was 23 and Sean was 26 and he had just got into the chorus of South Pacific.


“He was Mr Edinburgh at that time and built like Arnie Schwarzene­gger.” Sir Michael, who starred in such blockbuste­rs as Alfie and The Italian Job, added: “Sean got into all that bodybuildi­ng stuff. “One Saturday night he walked into a party where I was with two beautiful girls. He saw me and we became friends. “Once, we were in a club and some girls were on stage trying to sing. “Some guys behind us were giving them a hard time, so Sean just got up and beat all four of them up. I just held his coat!”

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