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Bride ’n doom


EXPERTS reckon 1986 is the “year of the doomed marriage”, a study has revealed.

Half of couples who tied the knot back then are likely to split up.

High-profile couples who married in 1986 include Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Bob Geldof and Paula Yates and Arnold Schwarzene­gger and Maria Shriver. They all ended in divorce.

Harry Benson, of the Marriage Foundation, said: “The worst two years to get married were 1986 and 1991. Some 44% of couples who married in these years will end up divorced.

“As co-habitation becomes ever more accepted, there’s less social and family pressure to tie the knot.

“Men’s commitment is all about buying into the future, making a decision. So among those who do marry, there are fewer ‘sliders’ who marry without really buying into it and more ‘deciders’ who really mean it.”

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