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Camp singer’s lover a woman


RIGHT Said Fred star Richard Fairbrass has shocked fans by revealing that his new lover is a woman.

The singer had a long-term relationsh­ip with BBC make-up artist Stuart Pantry.

But now the 63-year-old has found new love following his mum’s death .

He told Best magazine: “We lost mum slowly to Alzheimer’s, so in a way we got used to losing her two or three years ago.

“She was 92 when she died but no longer the mum we grew up with.

“She couldn’t even make a cup of tea at the end.

“Alzheimer’s had done that to her. When she died, I felt relief for her.

“I moved out of her house and started a new relationsh­ip – with a girl, actually.”

In 2007 Fairbrass admitted that he was bisexual.

He said: “My last relationsh­ip was with a girl, so I am on the cusp.

“I have never described myself as completely gay.”

Fairbrass said he appreciate­s “pretty guys who look like girls – and also girls who look like pretty guys.” MONKS have been barred from growing cannabis to weave hemp ropes from the plant’s fibres for religious rituals in Japan after fears that drug dealers would steal the crops.


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MRS RIGHT: Fairbrass
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