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Pat Phoenix rises from ashes


A PRIEST has carried out a Coronation Street exorcism after a series of spooky happenings left soap stars “freaked out”.

Exploding sound equipment and weird banging noises have been blamed on poltergeis­t attacks.

A PRIEST has carried out an exorcism at the old Coronation Street set after musicians preparing for a festival threatened to quit because of poltergeis­t attacks.

The three-day Granadalan­d music bash is due to be held next weekend to mark the demolition of the old Corrie set and former Granada TV studios in Manchester.

A host of tribute acts is being lined up for the festival. But one band was all set to walk out of rehearsals after hearing strange banging noises and suffering “exploding” equipment.

Granadalan­d chief Christophe­r Wandsworth felt he had no alternativ­e but to call in a Roman Catholic priest.

He said: “We know there have been numerous rumours over the years about paranormal happenings.

“The act threatened to pull out unless we did something. An exorcism was our last resort.”

Corrie actors have complained about spooky happenings on the old set for a number of years. Some believe it to be the spirit of Elsie Tanner actress Pat Phoenix, who died in 1986. Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen Grimshaw, once said: “So many people have seen and felt the same things that there has to be something in it.” The demolition is to make way for a new housing developmen­t. Granada moved their HQ to Media City in Salford in 2013.

 ??  ?? ®Ê SPOOKED: Street faves Michelle Connor and David Platt
®Ê SPOOKED: Street faves Michelle Connor and David Platt
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 ??  ?? BE GONE! Priest carries out exorcism in old studio
BE GONE! Priest carries out exorcism in old studio

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