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Police turtley helpful


A MISSING terrapin handed itself in at a police station – surprising officers when it just wandered into their nick.

Bobbies from Coalville police station in Leicesters­hire posted a picture online in an attempt to find its owner.

The terrapin is now in the safe care of a local vet but was initially mistaken for a tortoise.

North West Leicesters­hire Police wrote on Facebook: “Lost a tortoise? This little chap called in at the station today as he has lost his way home and came in to ask PC White for help.

“If you are missing this little chap, please call 101 and ask for Coalville Police Office and we can let you know where he is.”

However, the force later posted: “UPDATE: We have taken the ‘terrapin’ (vet corrected us) and he is now with Cockburn vets in Coalville, please contact them directly if you believe he could belong to you.”

Amused locals reacted quickly to the news.

Danny Hall identified the missing pet, posting: “That’s Mi-shell.”

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