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HORSE WHIP ‘BAN’ 23 die in bar arson

- ■ by TIM BAKER tim.baker@dailystar.co.uk

A GANG said to be armed with petrol bombs killed 23 people and hurt 13 in an attack on a bar in Mexico.

The fire at Bar Caballo Blanco killed 15 men and eight women in the Gulf coast city of Coatzacoal­cos.

Governor Cuitlahuac Garcia suggested it was part of a gang dispute. LABOUR pledged yesterday to ban jockeys from using the whip while horse racing.

The ban is in the opposition party’s 50-point plan to protect animals if they make it into government.

But one Tory said Labour MPs should hit themselves with a modern racing crop to show they do not hurt.

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley said: “This is another idiotic policy from an Islington-based Labour Party which does not understand horse racing.

“The new-style whips don’t hurt in the slightest and I would advise Labour politician­s pick up a whip and see that it doesn’t.”

The British Horseracin­g Authority already has strict rules restrictin­g their use.

But Labour MP Sue Hayman said the party wants to bring Britain’s animal welfare policy into the 21st century.

Ms Hayman is also looking to ban boiling lobsters alive in restaurant­s – a technique that stops harmful bacteria multiplyin­g.

She said: “Our policies are thought through and comprehens­ive measures.”

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TARGET: Race jockeys
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CRITIC: Philip Davies
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