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Classic funerals passing away...


A McDONALD’S burger bar is the strangest place a top funeral firm has ever staged a send-off.

Co-op Funeralcar­e said just one in 10 people now wants a traditiona­l service when they pass away.

As well as the Maccy D’s restaurant, other weird locations include the side of a bypass – which was the deceased’s favourite road – and the 18th tee of a golf course.

A spokesman for the firm, which has conducted more than 500,000 funerals in the past five years, said non-traditiona­l requests have rocketed in the past five years.

An accompanyi­ng poll of 4,000 adults showed just 10% now want their funeral to be a “suited and booted” religious ceremony.

One third opted for “no fuss at all” and 36% just wanted friends and family to have a big party.

Co-op Funeralcar­e said the use of pallbearer­s had dropped by 78% in the past five years and the use of limousines had fallen by 16% in the same period.

WE will all be staying at space hotels and playing Harry Potter’s sport Quidditch in 50 years.

And insects will be a main food protein source, with revellers feasting on a greasy worm kebab, said a study for the Samsung KX digital playground in London.

Yet the launch of a SpaceX Mars Starship prototype in Texas, US, this week was not so futuristic.

In fact, it looked like 3-2-1 star Ted Rogers’ Dusty Bin booby prize.

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MAC & DIES: At wake

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