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Bad boy Jamie is now a pro fighter

Riley’s facing de-feet

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When war broke out, Hitler, below, wanted to destroy French influence in Europe. He even assumed that Britain and Italy would remain neutral – if not actually support him.

The first British fatality was Pc George Southworth on patrol in Harley Street on September 3, 1939. Hearing an air raid siren, he saw a light on in a third floor window and shinned up the drainpipe. In doing so, he fell and was killed. The air raid warning, ironically, turned out to be a false alarm.

STRAPPING schoolboy Riley Williams might have to quit rugby because he can’t find size 17 boots.

Riley, 15, dubbed “Bigfoot”, wears an old pair off eBay but they are falling apart.

The 6ft 2in lad, of Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, said firms only make boots up to size 15.

SCRUM & HELP US: Fed-up Riley’s grandad Alun shows how his huge feet measure up A VIOLENT drug user turned his life around to become a pro boxer after his mum made up a story to get him arrested.

When Jamie Stewart was growing up he was never out of trouble, getting arrested for the first time when he was just 13.

And he ended up in jail for a ninth time after his mum Elizabeth rang police to falsely say he had smashed up the house. During his imprisonme­nt his family didn’t send him any help, prompting him to rethink his life. Jamie said: “My family did that because they love me and want what’s best for me. “I had never really thought about what I was putting my family through.


“I had two uncles who were known around where I grew up for being legendary criminals and I grew up wanting to be like them.

“I smoked cannabis from the age of 13 and was always in trouble. I went around fighting everyone.”

Jamie added: “I was on (synthetic high) monkey dust for just over a year but I wanted a family and knew I was never going to get one living the way I was.”

That is when the 26-yearold, from Stoke-on-Trent, turned to boxing with so much success he is now preparing for his first profession­al fight next month.

Trainer Scott Lawton says his fighter was “the naughtiest boy in Stoke”.

But Jamie is now the proud dad of two-year-old Zachary with partner Aimy Parkes, and a stepfather to Lily-May and Owen Blake.

He also visits probation centres to talk to people who have been in trouble.

Jamie said he was still “smoking weed” when he first started boxing.

But he added: “As soon as I thought I had the potential to be a boxer, I stopped.”

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