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Perfect home a fantasy


TWO years ago my long-distance lover told me that he was doing up a house for us both to live in.

He said that he wouldn’t be able to visit me so often because he was cracking on with the renovation­s.

He consulted me on paint colours and I sent him money because I thought he was creating our perfect home.

Then my brother paid him a surprise visit and found there was no new house – only a wife and kids in a high-rise flat.

Now he’s asking if we can start again.

My brother says he’ll never speak to me again if I rekindle my old romance, but what can I do when I’m so lonely?

JANE SAYS: You have to accept that this man is a liar and a fantasist.

Nothing about him is real. He cruelly built your hopes up and told you the most terrible lie.

Your canny brother fronted him up but he’s still trying to wheedle his way back into your life.

I’m in no doubt, he wants to get into your purse too. How much did he have off you last time? Do you need to report him for fraud?

You deserve better than him.

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