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Put End to the gloom


EASTENDERS has never been especially funny.

But in recent years it has become so bleak.

There are rarely any light-hearted moments.

And all of its characters are bogged down by such depressing storylines.

Sitcom legend Tim Healy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to making people laugh.

So when he says watching it for the first time in years left him “feeling depressed”, it’s not a good sign.

Actors like Danny Dyer and June Brown are capable of being hilarious.

They should be allowed to flex their comic chops.

We are not suggesting they should turn into Morecambe And Wise overnight.

But they are being held back by the soap’s obsession with all things grim.

Telly used to be an escape from our problems.

Now it appears to serve as a reminder things could be worse.

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