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It’s a rice little earner


★ BRITS are going fast food barmy with new figures revealing we now spend a whopping £12.5billion a year on takeaways.

Research for the British Takeaway Campaign has found that the sector is up 18% and growing at roughly twice the rate of the overall economy.

★ Here JAMES MOORE takes a closer look in numbers at our growing love affair with takeout food... 1

…top of the shops is Chinese food such as chicken chow mein, according to surveys for Channel 5 and bingo site Tombola, which found the Asian fare was our favourite type of takeaway.


…the UK has seen a threefold increase in the number of fast food outlets since 2010.


…per cent of our household food spending now goes on takeaway orders.


…per cent. The number of people who say korma is their favourite curry dish, knocking previous top choice, chicken tikka masala, off the top spot in a Kingfisher survey.


…per cent of us say poppadoms are our favourite takeaway side dish.


…pounds per month. What the average British household shells out on takeaways – that’s a 25% rise over the last 10 years. People in Northern Ireland spend the most at £57 a month.


…per cent of Brits say they would rather order in than eat out at a Michelin starred restaurant.


…per cent of takeaways now offer low-fat options, with 59% offering low salt dishes.


…per cent. How much orders for vegan takeaway food has shot up since 2016 with veggie fare up 136% too. Greek, Persian and

Turkish dishes are also booming.

731… the number of pizzas the average Brit will eat in a lifetime. 3k

…pop star Beyoncé once tucked into a curry which had been flown 3,000 miles from a village takeaway in Surrey to the US.


…approximat­e number of takeaways the average Brit will scoff during their lifetime.


…pounds. How much one study estimated we spend on takeaway food in a lifetime.


…the number of takeaway outlets across the UK. There are more than 10,000 fish and chip shops.


…the number of people employed in the takeaway sector.


… the number of fast food and takeaway meals eaten every week in the UK according to figures from YouGov.


…portions of fish and chips are served up every year in the UK.


…pounds. How much we’re now spending on takeaways per year as a nation. That’s more than France, Germany, Netherland­s, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerlan­d, Luxembourg and Portugal combined.


…pounds. How much money that we are expected to be spending on takeaway food by 2023.

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 ??  ?? ■ GROWTH SECTOR: Noodles, curry and pizza
■ GROWTH SECTOR: Noodles, curry and pizza
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