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at No3 with joint AJ Tracey and Aitch, currently in life before single Rain, enjoyed the finer things the big lockdown. my first Novikov Aitch revealed: “He took me to got me knowing restaurant. Got me on sushi and how to use chopsticks.” of the only Manchester rapper Aitch is one collab with BRITS people to hear AJ’S forthcomin­g winner Jorja Smith too. part two,” “It’s a banger, it’s Ladbroke Grove it’s better.” Aitch told KISS. AJ added: “I think

COUNTRY acts don’t get much more diverse than this six-piece. Based in Nashville, the guys hail from all over the world including Scotland, Gibraltar and America.

Now huge Stateside and loved by Kelly Clarkson, guitarist and keyboardis­t Simon Dumas told me: “At first people questioned us, and our chemistry, I think because we come from all over, but now people can see how passionate we are about this.”

Outrageous­ly catchy tune No Matter What has proven a huge hit and now the rest of their new album Rivers – out now – showcases their unique blend.

Dumas said: “It has a very authentic, very dusty feeling when you listen to it.”

KATHERINE Jenkins performed her biggest ever concert at the weekend – from the comfort of her sofa. The Welsh singer’s 40-minute home gig has been viewed by more than 250,000 people so far and you can still watch it online.

TAYLOR Swift has responded with subtle vitriol to the leaking of her infamous phone call with Kanye West.

The full unedited 2016 call between the rapper and Tay aired online proving that Kanye did NOT ask her permission to refer to her as a “b***h” on his track Famous.

After fans responded triumphant­ly, Taylor remained dignified in her silence but did “like” a number of the social media posts including a “Taylor told the truth mood board” on Tumblr. God job Kanye is self-isolating.

AS a PRO-LBGT campaigner, Miley Cyrus admits her relationsh­ip with religion changed.

The Slide Away songstress was a devout Christian but doesn’t feel welcome at church because her gay friends weren’t accepted.

Miley explained: “I had some gay friends in school – that is the reason why I left my church is that they weren’t being accepted.

“They were being sent to conversion therapies. I had a hard time with me finding my sexuality too.” Well, she can’t go anywhere at the moment, let alone to church.

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