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Kids’ tree house to be axed


- ■ by JERRY LAWTON jerry.lawton@dailystar.co.uk

A COUPLE face tearing down their children’s treehouse because it “blights” their listed property.

Planners refuse to grant Richard and Kate Owen retrospect­ive consent, saying the project is “inappropri­ate and overbearin­g” for an 18th-century garden.

However, no neighbours have complained about the treehouse.

The 3m-high timber hideaway is built in the garden of the Owens’ £700,000 home in Kenilworth, Warks.

In an appeal the couple say: “Treehouses have been fashionabl­e since the late 18th century and it is an addition to the site.”

Can you guess the year from these five clues?

1. The Frost Report is broadcast on the BBC, launching the careers of John Cleese and the Two Ronnies.

2. In an interview, John Lennon declares the Beatles are “more popular than Jesus”.

3. Raquel Welch dons a fur bikini in caveman flick One Million Years B.C.

4. Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys is released and dubbed “the most progressiv­e pop album ever.”

5. Football glory! England beat West Germany 4-2 to win the World Cup.

No Googling! Answer in tomorrow’s paper. Friday’s year: 1950

FREESTYLE footballer John Farnworth travelled 50 miles across a frozen Siberian lake while doing half-a-million keepie uppies.

The 34-year-old defied temperatur­es of minus 20C to keep the ball up in the air for two days while he crossed the world’s deepest and oldest lake.

John, who stopped only to nap, eat or go to the loo, kept the ball in the air for up to eight hours each day as he crossed Lake Baikal.

On the second day the back of his left leg and knee started to seize up but he pushed on.

He said: “It was caused by a mix of not sleeping great and frequently coming in and out of the hot and cold.

“I really started to worry if I could continue and I was worried I was going to let people down.

“For the first time it was a real struggle. I just knew I was going to go on until I could not go on any more.”

John, from Preston, Lancs, who was aiming to raise £10,000 for Cancer Research, has previously done 250,000 keepie uppies while crossing the Sahara Desert.

But he said Lake Baikal presented his “hardest challenge physically” because he had to juggle the ball while wearing several layers of clothes.

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WONDER BALL: Keepie uppies and feeling pain in van
UP FOR IT: John tackles the freezing conditions
■ WONDER BALL: Keepie uppies and feeling pain in van UP FOR IT: John tackles the freezing conditions
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