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Monty Python’s John earning just pennies for roles

- ■ by BERNY TORRE berny.torre@dailystar.co.uk

FAWLTY Towers and Monty Python star John Cleese has mocked his tiny royalty payments.

The comedy veteran, 80, has just received a 17p paycheck for narrating Disney’s Winnie The Pooh in 2011.

The Fawlty Towers creator also took a swipe at movie bosses after revealing he picked up £3.27 for his role in the 2003 blockbuste­r Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

He sarcastica­lly said: “In these difficult times, arrival of residuals boosts my morale.

“I received my royalties from Winnie The Pooh: $0.20. And even better, from

Charlie’s Angels: Full

Throttle: $03.81!!”

He continued on Twitter:

“Where shall I celebrate? I know! My room!”

Disney’s adaptation of the AA Milne children’s classic earned positive reviews but only grossed

£43million worldwide on a

£26m budget.

John offered fans the chance to “meet” him for

£235 recently, having forked out millions on divorcing his third wife

Alyce Eichelberg­er, 75.

He was filmed plugging the virtual meet-and-greets via US website Fanmio.

Cleese said: “I trust I’ve given you a few laughs over the years and now I’d love to give you the chance to meet me and ask me questions – personally meet me on a oneon-one video meet-andgreet session.

“It’ll just be the two of us talking and you can ask me whatever you want.”

The site, which offers similar-style chats with a string of American stars, includes John’s autograph and an “exclusive shirt” in the package deal.

Disney has been approached for comment.

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NO FUNDS: John’s not happy about his earnings
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