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Last year, a tournament just for women called the W-series was launched. While Emily was not initially keen on the competitio­n, she has changed her mind.

“At first I wasn’t a big fan of it, because I thought it was dividing men and women and didn’t fully understand it,” she says. “But I’ve seen how beneficial it has been to some other female racers.

“It has helped bring them into the spotlight and open up other opportunit­ies for them. “It is sad that it has to come to that point but it is amazing people are now saying, ‘We have skilled females, let’s see what they can do.’”

While the cost can be an issue, Emily has become the face of a scheme with Motorsport UK and indoor go-kart racing track company Teamsport to encourage disadvanta­ged youngsters into the sport.

And anyone can enter the British Indoor Karting Championsh­ip as long as they are aged over eight and own a £35 #Grid Elite Membership. At present, local qualifiers are still expected to start on June 1, with the finals being held in November.

“I’m passionate about getting kids into racing, but also sport more generally,” says Emily. “After speaking to my parents and the organisati­ons, it was very clear to me what we should do.

“I wanted to mix education with the go-karting side of things and give young people an opportunit­y that they may not have. It’s the chance for them to get out there, enjoy themselves and potentiall­y come away with a British championsh­ip.


“I’ve seen how much I’ve grown and developed in this sport, and I believe on the track your personalit­y comes out a bit more.

“Once you put the helmet on, you go into your own little world. You’ve got your own space.

“The track is like my office for me. I just feel so comfortabl­e there. There’s no feeling like it.”

● Teamsport has launched the British Indoor Karting Championsh­ip (BIKC), in associatio­n with Motorsport UK. For more informatio­n, visit Bikc.co.uk.

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TALENT: Former Young Driver of the Year Emily Linscott
■ TALENT: Former Young Driver of the Year Emily Linscott

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