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★ SCHOOL’S out for… who knows how long? Today millions of parents will be turning into teachers, with children all across the country sent home to help stop the spread of the coronaviru­s.

★ And now your trusty Daily Star has come to the rescue to help kick off some home learning. Here

JAMES MOORE has put together a fun quiz for all the family to get things started.

★ See how many of these 20 questions you can guess correctly in each of our five categories, then check them off against the answer box below.

And remember – no using your phone to look up the answers!


1 Who wrote the plays Macbeth and Hamlet?

A) William Wordsworth B) William Shakespear­e C) William Shatner

2 Which of these words is the only one with the correct spelling?

A) Embarrassm­ent B) Occassiona­lly C) Acommodate

3 3Which of these collective nouns would you apply to bats?

A) Herd B) Shoal C) Colony How many letters are 4 there in the English alphabet? A) 12 B) 24 C) 26


5 Which of these shapes has the most sides?

A) Hexagon B) Octagon C) Pentagon

6 What do you get if you add 573 to 427?

A) 900 B) 1,000 C) 1,100

7 How many centilitre­s are there in a litre?

A) 1,000 B) 100 C) 10

8 Which of these is NOT equal to a quarter?

A) 25% B) 0.25 C) 0.25%


9 Which one of these was NOT a Tudor monarch?

A) Henry V B) Henry VII C) Henry VIII

10 In which century did the Crimean War take place?

A) 20th B) 19th C) 18th

11 In which famous battle did the Duke of Wellington defeat Napoleon?

A) Waterloo

B) Hastings C) Somme

12 Who would you associate with the invention of the telephone?

A) Leonardo da Vinci B) John Logie Baird C) Alexander Graham Bell


13 Which of these cities is the capital of Australia?

A) Sydney B) Melbourne C) Canberra

14 Which of these is the longest river in the UK?

A) Thames B) Mersey C) Severn

15 Which of these is an ocean?

A) Mediterran­ean B) Atlantic C) Arabian

16 What would you measure on the Richter scale?

A) Earthquake­s

B) Hurricanes C) Tornadoes


17 In the periodic table which element is represente­d by the symbol Pb?

A) Gold B) Iron C) Lead

18 In which part of the body would you find the tibia bone?

A) Head B) Arm C) Leg

19 What is measured in volts, amps and ohms?

A) Rainfall B) Electricit­y C) Time

20 Ice is water in which form?

A) Gas B) Liquid C) Solid

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