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DAVID Platt fights off a gang of thugs in the park in one of the last location shoots for Corrie for some time.

The character, played by Jack P Shepherd, forces the hoodlums to back off by waving the bike at them as he wades into the brawl.

Dressed all in black, David seems to take on the gang of yobs single-handedly in dramatic scenes that are yet to be screened.

CELEBRITY chef Gino D’acampo was nearly killed in a horrific dune buggy crash while filming his latest telly show.

He was in the US with pals Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix for Gordon, Gino & Fred: American Road Trip.

And in the first episode the trio were strapped into dune buggies to decide who is the best driver.

But the fun and games came to an abrupt halt when Gino, 43, crashed into their RV motorhome, which was parked near the course.

Gino said: “We did the

Baja 400 – a special race that happens every year.

“I had a really big accident. I was in the front and

I cut Gordon to win and I started to go too fast and I lost control of the car and I went straight into the RV that we were driving.


“So I was out and so was the RV. Very scary. I couldn’t move. I had petrol all over me. Fifteen seconds later Gordon smashed his into the wall of the racetrack.

“So only Fred was left standing. But it was fun until I crashed. Actually, it was fun even when I crashed. Listen, if you survive, it’s all good. If you can tell the story, it’s all funny.”

The incidents meant they had to take a break from filming so the lads could recover from the crashes. Frenchman Fred, known as the maitre d on Channel 4’s First Dates, added: “I didn’t realise what had happened, I could see in the distance Gino had parked by the RV, but he hadn’t parked – he had crashed into the side of it.

“The shock.” petrol was everywhere, he was in total

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? FEAR: Gino D’acampo before the smash
FEAR: Gino D’acampo before the smash
 ??  ?? LUCKY: D’acampo
LUCKY: D’acampo

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