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Ban trolleys and stick with hand baskets


Why don’t supermarke­ts lock all the trollies up and just let people in with a basket apart from the special time set aside for old people? JM Boston

2 slowdown the panic buying public, all supermarke­ts shud lock away the trolleys & just hav baskets, u can only fill em’ to certain level. angst

Re bulk buying. Ban trolleys, give shoppers a basket only. (Phil’s idea) G.G.E.K.

these people buying toilet rolls and sanitiser to sell at inflated prices in their shops for profit easily stopped just shut shops down apart from supermarke­ts and chemists. Geoff Newcastle

The say there’s no shortage of food, they should take a walk around Asda no meat, not one chicken or turkey for starters. Stockpilin­g has got to be sorted NOW.


People need to check out their nearest corner shop and forget the big chain supermarke­ts. I can get everything I need at my local shop, yes even loo roll and bread and pasta. Now is the time to think small shops!

Brett in Leyton

Take no notice of the greedy toilet roll bandits. The camaraderi­e of queuing with non greedy shoppers outside and inside my local aldi with total strangers has been great cmon brits let’s fight this virus together. ANFIELD CAT

could not get milk bread rolls or potatoes from tesco, greedy people should be ashamed. smiley sue

thank you to all our wonderful NHS workers all of you! This shows that our NHS must be cherished at all costs! One issue nurses photograph­ed in uniform outside work! We were never allowed to due to infections so just wondering why they’re doing it at such an infectious time? Libby

good to see tesco having a dedicated shopping hour for nhs workers. However when I was a nurse we were not allowed to wear our uniform outside of the hospital in case we spread infection, surely even more important now. tubs

why haven’t the nurses changed out of uniform to go shopping, they should know better. janet

thanks for nothing Mr chancillor, self employed taxi drivers shunned again, if we try to get any money everything is made impossible but the nurses have been told to avoid buses and get a taxi, well wot if we say the fare is trebled. Geoff

Although most of us are following Government advice and taking the relevant precaution­s, there is a mindless minority at both ends of the scale who think the advice doesn’t apply to them. The panic buyers who continue to empty shops of basic essentials and those who are still going for days out when the weather is good. The Government is giving us this advice for our own good, we should all follow it.

Dave P, Stockport

the hour for N.H.S. and pensioners is a sham as soon as the doors open in rush the idiots pushing the pensioners to one side and get everything – time to police it. The Derbyshire Man

it’s the silent unpaid millions who r showing unsung selfless acts of kindness who r tru heroes. It is these ppl we shud b thankful for. Lily the pink

mothers day morning. knock on door. When I opened door there was my daughter sitting on a beach chair with a flask and mug of coffee on pavement outside my forecourt and singing happy mothers day. I had to sit on doorstep but it was so lovely.

shirley pops

the message is clear young people stay indoors or if u go out don’t socialise in big groups stay 2m apart when out and stop spreading this damn virus! Ex-nhs-worker

Reducing train and bus services so those that are travelling are crowded into the reduced services is plain daft. This will only increase those catching the virus. TLB

BOGOF offers out of the question on these loo rolls I guess! AL

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