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Survivors of WW2 in appeal to young

- By KATE NELSON and JAMES CAVEN kate.nelson@dailystar.co.uk

WORLD War Two survivors begged younger Brits to step up their efforts in the biggest battle their generation has faced.

Brave pensioners who lived through Blitz bombing raids, rationing and evacuation pleaded with younger generation­s to do their “duty” – by watching box-sets on the sofa.

Harry Fenn, 95, was just 19 when he was thrown into the thick of it as a Royal Navy medic during the Normandy landings in 1944.

In a Facebook video, the veteran urged: “In 1944, I served my country and did my duty. Now it’s your duty to sit on the couch. Please save lives. It’s as simple as that.”

PM Boris Johnson was forced to put the UK into lockdown on Monday night after people ignored orders to stay home to stop Covid-19 spreading.

The virus had claimed 422 lives last night. That was up 86 in a day.

Blitz survivor Maureen Childs, 80, of east London, joined calls for people to knuckle down and stay indoors.

She said the outbreak was nowhere near as bad as bombing raids.

She said: “As soon as the sound stopped, we were all sitting there petrified because you didn’t know if you were underneath it. A virus is nothing compared to that.”

A midwife forced to travel to work in central London on a packed train urged people to stick to the rules and only work if “absolutely necessary”.

She said: “The Tubes are full of people still going to other jobs. The Government needs to stop it.”

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BATTLE: Maureen and Harry
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