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to hang out with these rockers in 2002’s How I Spent My acation – and Wild Horses couldn’t drag him off the stage.

CALL The 5

Police! This singer got in the studio with Krusty the clown for 1992’s Radio Bart. He must have been an Englishman in Springfiel­d!

THIS singer popped up in 2012 to help Lisa 6 learn the importance of being herself. After all, we’re all Born This Way!

It was a Brit 12

of a big deal to get this pop star in for an episode in 2000... in fact, bosses were Lucky she was up for playing her cartoon self.

Don’t have a Cow(ell) man! Bart’s famous saying 11 was spot on when this TV judge appeared twice – in 2004 and 2010.

THIS foulmouthe­d

8 chef was in 2011 episode The Food Wife – and we reckon he was shouting a few four-letter words when he saw how his cartoon turned out!

10 YOU’D need

more than a Braveheart to guess who this is supposed to be. Although it looks like he had one Mel of a time in 1999’s Beyond Blunderdom­e.

HE appeared 7

in 1995’s Lisa The Vegetarian – and Simpsons bosses said he “always checks in” to make sure she’s still shunning meat. This star is all about Live And (don’t) Let Die.

Mel Gibson

Britney Spears

George Harrison

Bette Midler

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

Gordon Ramsay

Richard Gere

Spears Britney 12. Cowell Simon 11. Gibson Mel 10. Richards Keith & Jagger Mick 9. Ramsay Gordon 8. Mccartney Paul 7.


Simon Cowell

Lady Gaga

Paul Mccartney

Tony Blair

Gaga Lady 6. Sting 5. Harrison George 4. Midler Bette 3. Blair Tony 2. Gere Richard 1. ANSWERS

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