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Remember real heroes in new year’s gongs list


■ how beautiful is property developer laura Hamilton, pic please ed. Stevo


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NHS doing fantastic and selfless job: come the new years honours list no prizes for guessing where the awards will go – second rate comics, actors, MPS and those who suck up to the royal family. baz leeds

I know NHS are working like trojans but what about nurses and carers outside of the NHS, care homes and the community. Do we not count? Lyn, Rotherham

When the New Years Honours come around I hope there are enough gongs for EVERY NHS Worker and Care Workers – the real heroes. And deserving such awards.

Chris Vale from Fenton

❑ social meeja away. get in and learn to cook summat.


council tax: will I penalised if I can’t make the full payments at the moment due to lack of work and income? Worried PAUL oldbury

I know we’re in a bad situation with this corona virus out break but what about other illnesses. I’ve got to have an operation but it’s been cancelled, why? Dave Darby

Thieves in virus masks: Sad indictment on the current climate. The inevitable and unfortunat­e use of surgical masks by criminal elements. James M

cleaning buses supermarke­t baskets and trolleys and everything else should be the norm anyway, carry on when this is over. The kitchen Pete W

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