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Linda, we all want you to get well soon


best wishes to the iconic linda lusardi for a speedy recovery.

Kirky hull

Why are Ant n Dec celebratin­g having massive viewing figures for Takeaway when at the present they have a captive TV audience? What a pair of chancers they really are. SUE P

If the Woolpack, The Rovers and The Queen Vic are open tonight I’m kicking off. LEO F

Eastenders and Corrie have enough episodes until the early summer. Do we get a reduction on the price of the TV licence after that as all they’ll be showing is repeats ? FISHKEEPER

Soaps being rationed. Only two half hours of people arguing instead of four. Why do people watch them? Steve. London

Thanks BBC England for showing us old football games on the Red Button. BBC Scotland: Any chance of doing the same? Fitba fan. Glasgow

Why has Max Rushton taken over from Alan Brazil on talksport? Terrible move. Now having to listen to alternativ­es. Steve. London

having again watched the ali, frazier, foreman era fights. I am in no doubt that today’s heavyweigh­ts are slow and third rate. pn

in photo of group eating fish and chips together the woman had scarf round her face. How did she eat? Stuff the chips up her nose. karah B

Got to give it to D/STAR for its wildlife pictures, absolutely brilliant. Keep them coming.


how is playing a bagpipe like throwing a javelin blindfolde­d? U don’t have to be very good to get peoples attention. momma towel

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