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WHEN Super League returns and they want a poster boy to bring back the stardust, they’d be crazy to ignore Liam Marshall.

On the field, the Wigan winger is a marketing dream with his acrobatic tries and his flair for the magical.

Off the field, the 23-year-old is just as charismati­c with a happy-go-lucky personalit­y, an infectious sense of humour and an eagerness to volunteer for just about anything.

Helping host Wigan’s preseason dinner, singing and being front and centre at various Warriors promotions all come naturally to Marshall.

It’s the whole package that sports bosses love and parents want their youngsters to emulate.

And yet, just four years ago, Marshall was doing his best to self-destruct his entire dream lifestyle.

After two years in Wigan’s Academy he was told he wasn’t good enough for the first team squad but could have a parttime reserve deal instead.

Even the blow of being rejected for the main squad failed to shock him into action and he continued to frustrate the club with his poor attitude. He said:

“I was training to be an accountant and I was lost with rugby. I’d come to training but wouldn’t try and my whole attitude was wrong.”

Marshall’s dad David played in Wigan’s allconquer­ing squad in the late 1980s and early ’90s but refused to intervene, believing his son had to learn the hard way.

Marshall only came to his senses after a rollicking from coach Shaun Wane and a spell on loan at Swinton, where he started to enjoy playing again.

He said: “Waney doesn’t beat about the bush and he told me I wouldn’t make it. I didn’t think

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