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Moley lands in a hole- y !


So let’s get straight down to the challengin­g questions. First up: what is a mole’s favourite food? For real, I mean, Warwick. This isn’t a Christmas cracker riddle. Impressive­ly, he gives me the correct answer instantly: “Earthworms!” Must have been too easy, I guess.

How about this one? What do you call a bunch of moles in a group? Again, not a moment’s hesitation: “Ah, yes, I know this one as well! It’s a ‘ labour’ of moles, isn’t it?” Blimey, yes, it is.

And lastly, which mole is his prepollex?

For once, Warwick hesitates. Finally, I think I’ve got him stumped. “Is it the coating on his fur?” he eventually asks. Sorry, not even close. His prepollex is his extra thumb. “Oh, wow!” cries Warwick. “That’s a great fact. Thanks for that!”

My pleasure.

If you’re wondering why, given limited interview time with such a star of stage and screen, I’m steering things down this route, it’s because a mole happens to be the latest character Warwick is playing – or, rather, putting his voice to. It’s the title part in a new of

DOWN WITH THE KIDS: Boomerang show Master Moley Mona Lisa – but hey, it’s still a bit of a result.

Julie Walters, Charles Dance and Richard E Grant are among the other stars voicing the series and Warwick feels it’s all rather inspiratio­nal.

The actor adds: “Moletown is a happy place. We could learn a lot from it.

“Everyone is treated equal. It also looks after planet and recycles a lot.”

Top stuff. Although let’s not forget the Wombles were doing the green thing years ago.

“Good point,” Warwick concedes. “That was way before anyone even mentioned the word ‘ recycling’.” animated series for kids and he is chuffed to be playing it.

“It’s great fun,” Warwick says, “and quite ‘ out there’, which kids will really enjoy.

“It’s also very contempora­ry. You can’t talk down to kids or patronise them nowadays, the way kids’ TV did in our day.”

Moley is “slightly insecure and bumbling” – but soon to be a hero in the magical undergroun­d world of Moletown.

Better still, this will earn him the affection of Gemma Arterton, no less. All right, so in this case the actress is a mole as well – a French one, called as the

 ??  ?? MASTER SWITCH: Warwick has moved into the animated world
MASTER SWITCH: Warwick has moved into the animated world

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