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FOUR dog meat trade survivors will be the first to leave China since the pandemic, heading for UK homes.

Fake news about how Covid spread meant many Chinese pets were put out on the street – risking them being killed for meat.

Luckily, charity Notodogmea­t stepped in to save them.

They were found malnourish­ed and in urgent need of a vet.

Danny, a 10-year-old dog, had suffered severe burns and was riddled with maggots.

Sophie, a terrier mix, was cowering under a table at a Beijing meat market.

And pup Debbie was found starving at the gruesome Yulin Dog Meat

Festival. Samoyed Michael, who was rescued from a wet market, was actually ready to travel at the start of the first Chinese lockdown.

He was taken into hiding, over fears his rescue kennels would be raided by Chinese authoritie­s.


The charity struggled to get food to him but the little fighter survived.

Notodogmea­t’s Julia De Cadenet said: “We are so thrilled that out first four dogs since the pandemic may soon be able to make the journey to their forever homes abroad.”

The charity’s shelter in Beijing houses around 450 dogs.

If you would like to make a donation, visit notodogmea­t.com

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 ??  ?? CARING: Julia with Samoyed Michael and, inset, the dog when found
CARING: Julia with Samoyed Michael and, inset, the dog when found

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