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- By Catherine Wooding

THE barbaric Yulin dog meat festival is are going ahead, despite new laws making it illegal.

Secret filming shows the cruel event is still attracting dog dealers.

This year, as a response to the Covid pandemic, the Chinese authoritie­s banned the slaughter of dogs, leading to hopes that the festival would be scrapped altogether.

But last week campaigner­s from the Notodogmea­t charity spotted trucks full of live dogs heading to Yulin to be stored in dirty warehouses ready for the event. Although police are patrolling the city, it seems smaller trucks being used to evade detection. Brave activists from the charity have managed to intervene and rescue many dogs. Notodogmea­t founder Julia de Cadenet said: “They are people’s pets and strays, and they have been kept in appalling conditions. “No animal deserves to be treated in this way.” Debbie, pictured, was rescued by the charity last year. She was found malnourish­ed, chained up and cowering after being taken on a motorbike to the festival. She now has a home lined up in the UK.

To donate, see notodogmea­t.com

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