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She takes on build firm

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A GLAMOROUS mum has swapped her dresses and heels for a hi-vis jacket and hard hat.

Charlotte Edwards took over her family’s constructi­on business after her dad Dennis, 68, and brother Andrew, 28, both died of cancer in 2019.

She said: “I quit my marketing job and had to learn how to build houses pretty quickly.

“Because I didn’t have any experience in building, I wasn’t able to go on any courses.

“So I just listened to podcasts, read books and watched hundreds of YouTube videos just to teach myself.

“I removed my hair extensions, fake eyelashes and nails, ditched my dresses and heels and bought thermal clothes and steel toe cap boots. I am usually the only woman on the and at the start it was very daunting. “I came across a lot of sexism, with people asking where the ‘man in charge’ was. I’d tell them, ‘She’s standing right here.’” Charlotte, 38, whose business is based in Oswestry, Shrops, has a son, Caleb, seven, and a daughter Florence, four. She said: “I felt so out of place at the start, but I have tried to just make it my own. “I now even wear a pink hard hat and a pink hi-vis jacket. “There are hardly any women in this business, so I want to inspire more women to get into constructi­on. “I talk at schools and colleges to inspire a female generation of constructi­on workers.” site

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NEW LOOK: In her hi-vis and hard hat
■ NEW LOOK: In her hi-vis and hard hat

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