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Animal magic.. the beasts who speak


★ IT’s critter-call! Yesterday we revealed that wonder dog Ozzy can say his owner’s name and even say: “I love you!”

According to the pooch’s owner, Ellie Chapman, 20, from Barnsley, her 10-yearold Jack Russell is able to use real words.

★ But he isn’t the only animal to apparently master human language. Here JAMES MOORE reveals other incredible creatures with the gift of the gab…

Bird brained: US scientist Irene Pepperberg began teaching an African grey parrot called Alex in 1977 and he was eventually able to use 100 different words, name 50 objects, seven colours and count up to six.

Flipping amazing: When US fisherman George Swallow found a baby seal washed up on the coast in 1971, he took it home and cared for the youngster, nicknaming him Hoover. The sassy seal later went to live in an aquarium where researcher­s discovered he could utter guttural phrases like: “Get outta here!” and

“How are ya?” in a Bostonian accent, just like George.

Trunk call: Clever

Asian elephant Batyr lived in a zoo in Kazakhstan. It’s claimed that he learned over 20 phrases including “Batyr is hungry”, used words like “give” and “drink” and even knew some swear words. Meanwhile Kosik, an elephant in South Korea, has taught himself to say seven Korean

BOND: George and Hoover terms including those for “yes”, “no,” “lie down” and “sit”.

Some fin to say?: NOC the beluga whale was in the care of the US Navy in 1984 when researcher­s noticed he was able to mimic human language. One diver even exited the water when he heard someone cry: “Out, out, out!” only to discover the words had come from NOC. An orca called Wikie can say “hello”, “bye bye” and “Amy”, the name of her instructor.

Ape expectatio­ns: Lots of apes have been shown to understand human words and use sign language, but some have even verbalised out loud. In the 1950s, a domesticat­ed chimp in the US named Viki learned to say “mama”, “papa” and “cup”.

Who mew?: Blackie the cat found fame on the streets of Augusta, Georgia, in the 1980s when his owners Carl and Elaine Miles trained him to meow: “I want my mama.”

A court would later rule that the talkative moggie needed a business licence.

Mutt mention: Don, a pointer from Germany, found fame in the early 1900s by being able to bark seven words, including “cake”.

In 2005, American pug Odie hit the headlines for being able to say: “I love you.”

British pooch Prince appeared on TV’s That’s Life! in 1979 saying “sausages” and “Elvis” while the show also featured Theo the poodle who could say “Raymond” and “I want one”.

 ?? ?? ■ ELE-BANTS: Trainer Kim Jong-Gap gives a treat to Kosik. Below, Prince on That’s Life! back in 1979
■ ELE-BANTS: Trainer Kim Jong-Gap gives a treat to Kosik. Below, Prince on That’s Life! back in 1979
 ?? ?? MIMIC: NOC
 ?? ?? SMART: Alex
 ?? ??
 ?? ??

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