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Tories don’t listen, they just waffle


❑ so, after the 2 by-election results, the conservati­ves look like they are going to be extinct in a few weeks time. they don’t listen. talk, talk talk, no action. i dont think there is an intelligen­t brain amongst the lot of ‘em. ‘stop the boats’ – this mantra has been going on for 18 months, and nothing has happened, not one dinghy has been turned round. people are queing halfway round the block to get a dentist in bristol. cant think why people dont vote tory. trouble is, labour will be just as crap. dave coppull

❑ After the next General Election, there will be a huge rush for new jobs by Tory MPs at least 200 will be sacked by the Electorate. Well here’s one job or should I say position they can apply for, a contestant on the TV show The Traitor. They have been well schooled in the skills of betrayal of us British Citizens and our once Great country that was respected all over the world as a country to be proud of, but now we are just a laughing stock and easy touch for freeloader­s and criminals. TOD

❑ No wonder this countries in a mess. All parties consist of two sections. 1 Old farts set in their bereft of ideas no balls. 2 Young guns full of woke/pc no ideas no balls. CHARLIE YORK

❑ Jeremy hunt says he can see light at the end of the tunnel, it won’t be a gas or electric light because nobody can afford either. mettyesh

❑ Mark twain said there are lies dammed lies and statistics, we’re in recession {big surprise} caused by the cost of living crisis, which is b ****** s its cost of lockdown, what moron really thought you shut the world down for two years and it wouldn’t cause financial problems, but all the time while the many struggle, the last few years have made some very wealthy. john challenger

❑ Den, Perth. The most agreed text I have read in daily star for months. So we’re in a recession too now. I work in all weather. I’m no youngster either I’m self employed. Just over heart disease op and working now just to survive. Paying bills and have zero left for leisure. I can’t claim as I’m just over the allowance. But yes there’s a recession cause we can’t afford to do nothing but live. But your right this country is not worth fighting for no more.

Bazza 180

❑ 4 wks wait 2 c a doctor at a gp surgery. Little wonder folk goin 2 hospital A&E dept to c a doctor even if they hav 2 wait hours. ANGST

❑ Once again in the news about ridiculous waiting times in Hospital A&E Depts the problem is it is down to G.P surgeries never getting back to normal after covid-19, ring for a G.P now and you are offered a phone consultati­on and told if symptoms persist or get worse go to A&E, and they are overflowin­g, why has the government allowed this to happen. Mr.C.

❑ the reason we’re struggling to get nurses is they have to go to university, I had no qualificat­ions but did my training and nursed for 34yrs. Ollies mum

❑ hi the american tourists who find stonehenge boring obviously have no interest or understand­ing of our prehistori­c past and its ancient monuments. andy the witchyman corsham wilts

❑ so Ellie Chapman claims her Jack Russell can talk. My main concern was the length of that dogs claws what’s she thinking? AKC

❑ why oh why are the coastguard­s likely to face criminal charges they didnt make them get in a boat to come to the land of plenty. The only thing we have plenty of is migrants.

Premier nan

❑ Re Feethearts article in dstar, I adore feet but NOT when they’re stinky. Please wash ‘em people – sweet smelling soles rule! AMOROUS {FOOT LOVIN’} ANN

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You just gotta love Alison Oliver from Saltburn. Sweet Joe, Hove
■ You just gotta love Alison Oliver from Saltburn. Sweet Joe, Hove

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