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Learn the Lingo and how to say letter ‘H’


❑ Enjoy Lingo but 2day not one contestant could say the letter H correctly. Do schools really teach kids 2 say HAITCH? It is really irritating. GINNY P

❑ as a top radio or tv presenter, you ve got to know when its time to bow out. Its recognised that the legendary bruce forsyth, maybe went on a couple of years too long, presenting strictly. ann

❑ to stockton jeff. I am glad hunt ball was cancelled. No one should dance to celebrate the savage killing of innocent animals. Liz london

❑ If they bring in the blue card all team’s playing man urinal will need to get a bigger sin bin as all their players will be sent there?. there the biggest moaners in the league and never leave the ref’s and other offical’s alone? CRAZY DAVY IN BELFAST

❑ I think the candidates for The Apprentice need to consider a change in career. How about Tory MPs, all are well qualified, totally useless! Little Erns Missis

❑ John C: I couldn’t agree more about when the BBC axed Steve Wright’s afternoon radio show. I remember thinking what the hell were they thinking. Dave Cornwall

❑ I’m a 57 year old man and when I was in school many years ago, if I said I wanted to be a woman I’d have been sent to the nearest mental asylum. There are 2 genders. Stop filling innocent little children with nonsense and teach them biology, mathematic­s, science English and manners. Cumbrian Kev

❑ the lone ranger went to have his fortune told, the fortune teller said “cross my palm with silver”, she was trampled to death by his horse. tony worksop

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