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North’s rail lines down the Tube...


❑ Rishi Sunak cancelled the ‘costly’ northern leg HS2 in Oct 2023 so it’s galling for northerner­s / cash strapped councils seeing 6.3 million splashed on 6 London overground lines with no Sunak / Hunt ‘up north alternativ­es’ completed. Remember 2021 the scrapped Manchester to Leeds Tory ‘bridge too far’ line / Brum to Mcr the ‘badly managed’ line. All respect to Londoners, they know where the North is. The Tory Government on the Surrey Hills line don’t! Brian Linford Pontefract

❑ Banning smartphone­s for the under 16 year olds is only a small step towards protecting them. You have to concider they use laptops or tablets at primary school, and at home so will never be truely free from the world wide web. Technology has progressed too far in children’s lives these days. In my day we weren’t allowed to bring a calculator to school. Dave Cornwall

❑ Well said Mr. C., I ring my G.P. & she is totally uninterest­ed, rude & abusive, I squared up to her & said, I’m not stupid, I’ve seen the life & private medical insurance adverts, a G.P. on call for 24 hour video & telephone consultanc­y. Got all this private work they can do from home & they are trying to turn N.H.S. patients like us into the same, it is about their money not us, should all have their N.H.S £90,000 a year salary stopped. Barry Tunbridge Wells.

❑ Why does jeremy hunt keep on saying he’s halved inflation when its a monatry policy made by the bank of england. wayne oldham

❑ my last laughing fit has only just stopped. it lasted almost 10 months, and started when wet lettuce and general sycophant oliver dowden was made deputy pm last april, and got worse every time i saw this clown at prime ministers questions. I fear it may start again after reading from general fence sitter, rees-mogg, that support for rishi sunak, remained ‘solid.’ stop it. dave from coppull

❑ Americans must be thick if cannot see Trump is a Putin lover he is on the side of russia. Stockton jeff

❑ Vlad the Bad needs 2b taken care off, permanentl­y. ANGST

❑ lets face it, if PUTIN opened a chain a pubs n fuel stations here in U.K. with beer n petrol at quid a pint n litre also... we would luv the cheeky chappy lol. BOB

❑ So six illegal immigrants found in a lorry have been taken to hospital i bet they wont have to wait 12 hrs to be seen? Frankie

❑ Tod: I agree with you mate, I left home in 1982 thinking me and my missus would qualify for a council place. Nope! We didn’t have enough points they said. We were both working tax payers but nothing doing. So our answer was to buy a caravan and live in that. Basic but a roof over our heads nonetheles­s. We lived in the caravan for 2 years until we had enough points for a council flat. My point is that if I was prepared to accept that, why the hell can’t it be acceptable for all these illegal immigrants too? They’ve paid nothing into the system so they should be grateful it’s better than what they had at home. Bedford Boy

❑ PLEASE PLEASE shy guy HARRY, take up AMERICAN CITIZENSHI­P,, REASONS, well you will have no TITLES, and you get the PRIVACY you say you always wanted, and we in BRITAIN NEVER have to hear you slagging off your family again. Angry Els seaham co Durham

❑ Liz London it is a drag hunt that follows scent on a cloth. as you know its illegal to hunt with dogs and has been for years thats why more get shot at night lamping them than had been hunt killed. Jeff

❑ To Liz London. Get your point about cancelling the Hunt Ball, but it also means only vegans would be allowed to dance. Big Mac.

 ?? ?? ■ Missing Jowita Przystał from Strictly. Flaming Keith
■ Missing Jowita Przystał from Strictly. Flaming Keith

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